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A child-eating fucker who comes back every 27 years.

Has also lots of red balloons?
Richie: “Hey Fuckface ! You wanna play truth or dare? Here’s a truth you’re a SLOPPY BITCH!”
by toziervibes October 14, 2019
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a messy drunk; female

sung to the mickey mouse them:
S-L-O-P-P-Y B-I-T-C-H!
Did you see michelle last night? what a sloppy bitch!!
by Jacqueline&Sarah July 22, 2004
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(Noun; Autoantonym, Contranym, or Janus word)
Meanings can be positive or negative depending on context, intonation and exclamation.
1. (Literally) An unkept, untidy, and clumsy female or person. See; Slut, Hot Mess, and wretched.

2. (Contranym) A fierce woman or person who is well composed, cunning, resilient, strong, independent, punctual, goal oriented and stunning.
1, have you seen Deborah? She was supposed to clock in at 3pm. Ugh, what a sloppy bitch!
2, Damn Barbara! You got 17 Aces in a row?! You're a real sloppy bitch!
by Loupcastille September 14, 2017
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1.) A fat bitch whom can’t fit into their clothes because they’re too tight , fat hanging out , ass hanging out , clothes look a mess, nasty shape and unflattering size.

2.) A person who’s in everyone’s business being messy and starting trouble that could’ve been avoided had they not involved themself.

3.) A person who is dirty and nasty and doesn’t keep themselves together .
Becky tried to wear her favorite size small pair of leggings after she had 2 kids and looked like a sloppy bitch doing so, she needs to find her proper size .
by Badbostonbitch April 13, 2018
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Its a girl who walks around that thinks she's the shit... Yet when she turns around she got a fat ass with cottage cheese dimples all over....
LOok at that chix right there damn she looks like she got a fat booty!

GIRL turns around......
EWWW thats a sloppy booty bitch !!

Or: damn did u see that chix lina? I can't wait to see her in sweat pants...
Lina comes out in sweat pants..... Blat!! All over the floor! that's a unexpected sloppy booty bitch!!!
by jaoni :) November 1, 2011
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