A last name, Commonly from Wales Meaning King or Lord in Welsh..Obviously
Slocum Means King
by Demon_Spawn September 2, 2008
To do without care or or half heartedly. To rush through a job.
The boy cleaned his room fairly Slocum so he could rush out to play.
by Bill hoggendoss September 24, 2020
The Syracuse Architecture version of Stockholm Syndrome; The situation of loving that which holds you captive (aka architecture school). See also: held in Bonds (for Notre Dame).
He just spent the night in studio even though he didn't have any work to do. He definitely has Slocum Syndrome.
by Dali3 September 11, 2012
The coolest dude that walks the earth. He`s sexy, used to have cool shoes, and is very sweet. Anyone is more than lucky to be friends with him. Key Slocum is awesome.
Key Slocum has cool hair. :D
by Anna February 24, 2005
Key is awesome. He used to have cool shoes, is very fun to talk to, and is super sexy.Anyone is extremely lucky to be friends with him. :D
Key Slocum is flipping awesome.
by Anna February 25, 2005
When a person borrows something then proceeds to act as if they are entitled to ownership of the item.
I let my friend borrow my van for a quick beer run. My friend slocummed me; and didn't return my van until the next day .
by Frank WarnyBurd December 25, 2020