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Shortened form of "City Slicker." Anyone from a non-rural area, that enters a rural area. Usually not very knowledgeable, concerning rural customs. And not very outdoorsy. Also see "City boy" "Townie" or "Greenhorn"
Some damn slicker came into the bar lastnight, with his yuppie girlfriend. He looked about as pretty as she did.
by Dirty white trash February 18, 2017
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someone who slicks back their hair with an obscene amount of gel so that it crunches to the touch
a slicker's last name will often end a vowel.
dude, that slicker needs to go easy on the VO5,
by NotUrban September 28, 2007
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A person who leaves after a defeat and is not seen of until a later date
Where did that slickers go ?
He'll be back next week
by Poorash October 14, 2010
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Lacrosse boots, typically the classic Grange model
"A'yuht there are some wicked slickers you got there bud"
by paytonrotta May 13, 2017
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another name for something that spills from a woman's vagina after inserting at least 12 inches of a lubricated broom stick into her vaginal hole
girl: man, after all that masturbating i got a bed sheet full of slickers that I have to clean up now
by Anonymous March 02, 2003
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