someone who slicks back their hair with an obscene amount of gel so that it crunches to the touch
a slicker's last name will often end a vowel.
dude, that slicker needs to go easy on the VO5,
by NotUrban September 28, 2007
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shit + licker = slicker
your a right slicker
your a right shit licker
by Xean5 April 26, 2010
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A 'slicker' would be the person licking and tonguing your asshole while you are fucking someone else. Usually your girlfriends dog or perhaps a neighbor or cab driver.
The cabbie asked if we would like a reduced fair in exchange for being the slicker.
by Ironmerchants August 16, 2008
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slippyer then slick, slippyerest
Its slicker then cats shit on a hot tin roof out there.
by Ryan Smith October 5, 2004
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someone that thinks there sick when there not
ayo that guy actually thinks he’s “slicker”
by neooooowm September 17, 2020
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The result of having imbibed too many adult beverages
The frat boys were all slickered up after the football game.
by Susan Nonnenberg August 22, 2005
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Shortened form of "City Slicker." Anyone from a non-rural area, that enters a rural area. Usually not very knowledgeable, concerning rural customs. And not very outdoorsy. Also see "City boy" "Townie" or "Greenhorn"
Some damn slicker came into the bar lastnight, with his yuppie girlfriend. He looked about as pretty as she did.
by Dirty white trash February 19, 2017
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