City Slickers are usually seen behind the wheel of a Fancy german car, wearing Gucci loafers and sporting a Park avenue manicure (due to their belief in good grooming). They can't into farming, and will attempt to plant gummy bears on soil with a PH of 9.6, when they actually need a 7-8 max (See: Old simpson place)
Well well, look at the city slicker pulling up in his fancy german car!
by Chuck's Feeduck And Seeduck October 26, 2020
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A word used by Farmers to describe Gucci loafer wearers
Person 1: well well well look at the city slicker pulling off in his fancy German car
Person: 2: the car was made in Guatemala
by Nogurr November 27, 2021
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People who try to be country and try to live a country life but never adapts to the countryside and fails to take care of livestock and poultry.
These damn city slickers don't now anything about horses.
by Countygirl719 April 7, 2019
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Is most likely white, will make so many music and Grey Anatomy's reference's you'll want to throw them out the window. Also, if they go 1 hour without StarBucks, visiting Coachella, or talking about drama they will collapse and fall into a white girl's coma.
Country Dude: Hey there!
City Slicker: Oh hey I love coachella and starbucks!!!!
*Country Dude grabs shotgun and shots said city slicker in the face*
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A person raised in the city and accustomed to life there.
This often leads to naivety in certain matters, and sometimes unusual prejudices.

This can be quite extreme, some displaying prejudice that is in it's own right as vile as that attributed to the average red neck.

Most of them though are quite decent folk who just don't know that you can change your car's oil yourself.
Sammy Cityboy: I didn't know you had a pocket knife! why do you have a knife?
Hank Hick: It comes in handy. See? I just used it to open this package.
Sammy Cityboy: So you don't use it to like kill people?
Hank Hick: No.
Sammy Cityboy: oh...ok.
Hank Hick: ...if I wanted to do that I'd use my 12 gauge.
*Sammy faints*
Hank Hick: Sam, you're such a city slicker...that was a joke...
by Joben June 5, 2007
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A stupid city boy who does not know how to the following:
.ride a horse
.rope a cow
.know the meaning of hard work

A city slicker often trys to be a 'country boy' which they dont realize makes them look more stupid
'A city slciker walks into a bar with his cowboy hat and boots, but he doesnt fool anyone because everyone can tell the difference by the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he wears his hat, and the fiasco is really over when he pulls out his cell phone!
by call me cowgirl June 5, 2005
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