Sleeveless refers to a garment that is manufactured without sleeves or whose sleeves have been cut off. Depending on the style, they can be worn as undershirts, by athletes in sports such as track and field and triathlon, or as casual wear by both men and women alike.
by Koria Cousley January 1, 2023
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Sleeveless Saturday is a time honored Georgetown University tradition that has been going on for almost seven years. The tradition gets passed down from seniors to freshmen or sophomores that deserve the right to throw the sickest parties on campus. The parties involve waking up before 10:00 am and drinking all day until night activities take over. Sleeves are not allowed and if someone walks in with sleeves on they are immediately ripped off by one of the party hosts. Creative sleeveless tops have included bullet proof vests, life jackets, sleeveless maintenance jumpsuits, sleeveless blazers, and sleeveless animal costumes.
Dude I got so drunk at sleeveless saturday that I wound up pissing my roommates bed before waking up next to his girlfriend.
by Sleeveless Sally March 31, 2008
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A new level of tough: sleeveless tuff is when somebody is so tough that when they wear sleeveless shirts, they become invincible (at least in their eyes anyways).
Kerps isn't just tough, he is sleeveless tuff!

Eric is worthy of being sleeveless tuff.

That kid Danny is definately tough, but not quite sleeveless tuff.
by Matt "Sleeveless Tuff" June 17, 2009
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The act of wearing blue bib overalls with no shirt underneath.
Joel: "Dude, he's rocking the sleeveless tornado in public, I could pull that off!"

Danielle: "I double dog dare ya!"
by drkaufman January 20, 2011
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Any douchebag that cuts off the sleeves of his t-shirt, to accentuate his douchebaggery.
Did that "sleeveless in Seattle" douchebag just ask me if I know where the "Gun Show" is?!
by only1kahonie January 8, 2010
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A sweater-vest worn by homosexual farmers. Often a sign that one is a "bottom" or receiver in sex.
Look at that fag in a sleeveless sweater!
by lard_ass_hogan February 15, 2010
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A Slang Term Used commonly by Young Gay Men used to describe a circumcised Penis, Although the term refers to a penis, it is rarely used by straight males or women. Used in New South Wales, Australia and Some Parts of Queensland, Australia. The Term has been used a Surprisingly large amount more as of 2013 but it was first used in 2011
Guy 1: Hey, do you reckon that Mike has a Sleeveless Hoodie
Guy 2: Yeah Aaron Blew that guy 2 weeks back, he definitely has a Sleeveless Hoodie
Guy 1: Do you Have a Sleeveless Hoodie
Guy 2: Maybe, why are you asking?
Guy 1: Come Show me in the bathroom
by FabRiotGirlTristy October 2, 2013
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