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Sleeping Bagging, sometimes colloquially referred to as the Reverse Birth, is a proposed sexual move involving two adult humans, one of which must be female, whereby the female's vaginal canal and uterus are accessed in a manner analogous to entering a sleeping bag.

The technique was first described in early 2006; by 2009 the appearance of Octomom raised hopes that a female possessing sufficient vaginal elasticity might exist. This prompted an investigation into its feasibility; however, scientists have since concluded that, if it were implemented, Sleeping Bagging would have a 100% mortality rate for the female. Experts also believe that it would likely result in severe compressive injuries, hypoxia, and psychological trauma for the other partner. For these reasons, Sleeping Bagging remains a purely theoretical conjecture.
Sleeping Bagging reminds me of tucking into a warm, safe place.
by Reverse Birther July 19, 2011
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