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A more casual / slang term for Sexsomnia.

Performing sexual acts with oneself or another while sleeping. These actions are performed without any conscious control and are commonly completely unknown to the individual upon waking up.
"I had the worst case of Sleep-Dick last night... my girlfriend tried to make me stop but she couldn't wake me up."

Guy 1: "She said it happened again last night..."
Guy 2: "Sleep-Dick?"
Guy 1: "Totally..."
by 0bi January 20, 2009
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When drifting in and out of consciousness the male reproductive organ stays erect and can do so continuously for hours. Tests have not yet determined the max amount of time this can occur.
"Stop poking me with that thing, I'm trying to sleep" "shuddap ho, It's mah sleep dick"
by Sidesho229 December 27, 2011
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