When your boss works you till you last breath and kicks you to the side for the buzzards to pick clean and move on to the next slave “employee”
That cock sucker Dan was a fucking slave driver today at work
by Dgd32 August 19, 2019
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A slave driver nowadays is any definition you bullshit people into reading.
Dan and Jim assumed Bill wanted them to do some things he wanted to get done, so they went ahead and did it and bitched about Bill being a slave driver. They also assumed he was a slave driver based on what he looked like. They didn't find out until later he didn't want anything from them, not their help, not their presence, they didn't want to be around him and he didn't want them around him either, even though he never gave any indication he wanted them around.
by Solid Mantis July 24, 2018
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When a someones girlfriend takes control of every aspect of her boyfriends life. She decides everythings he does.
Steve: Hey john, wats up?

John: Nothing.

Steve: want to chill this weekend?

John: No way man, i have to go to the mall with my girl.

Steve: damn, shes such a slave driver
by DaRealSmitty June 7, 2009
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In a group of friends or "clique", the person who is the leader. Can force other people in the clique (a.k.a the slave driver's bitches) to do their bidding simply by using their popularity as a weapon. Rules over the accepting bitch and the independent bitch.
1. "Adam is a total slave driver", Gabi exclaimed. He makes John and Ben do whatever he wants. "Yeah", Sam agreed. "They're so his bitches".
by GoingtoCollege July 21, 2006
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a peron who transports slaves fom one place to another via automobile
slave driver moves slaves around
by BadTouchUltaRapist October 1, 2010
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A name for someone demands that you follow their beliefs and ideologies without question or denial no matter the race.
Black Community: Black people are supposed to vote for Democrats. If you ain't gonna vote the same way we do, then you're not black like us.

Black Individual: I can think and read on my own. I don't need a bunch of slave drivers to tell me who I need to vote for or who to be.
by Country Roads July 12, 2020
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