4 definitions by DaRealSmitty

- (Verb) To expose flaccid, objectively large, male genitalia to pubic eyes.

- To show one’s very large dick to a group of people.
“Who should we cast as the male lead in our action pornography?”

Dolph Lundgren, PhD, obviously. He’s the most underrated male action star ever.”

“Of course! He’s a great actor, plus, the dude can hang dong.”

“Yea that dude hangs MASSIVE dong.”
by DaRealSmitty June 05, 2020
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A person you grew up with who is a step above a normal homie. A person who exceeds the expectations of a normal friend.

A true homie is not quite a best friend, but they still always look out for you, and you trust them as much as one.
‘Damn, I can’t believe Steve Keesh let us crash at his place last night and woke us up with breakfast before he left for work.’

‘Yea Steve has been watching out for me for a since we used to party back in high school. He’s always been a true homie.’
by DaRealSmitty November 22, 2019
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1. Noun. A reference to the "pussywhip". When the woman wears the pants of the relationship.

2. Noun. A relationship in which the girl has complete and utter control.
Jaime: "Will could you please wear a blue v-neck tomorrow, so we can match?"

Will: "okay even though i bitch at my friends for being whipped, I will wear a very silly, gay, v-neck to please you."

Will:"I'm going to the fair with my bros tonight."

Jaime:" IDK, i would be kinda lonely..."

Will: "okay. even though i havent had a brosesh in 2 months, i'll waste another night not doing anything with you. Im really sorry."
by DaRealSmitty April 25, 2011
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When a someones girlfriend takes control of every aspect of her boyfriends life. She decides everythings he does.
Steve: Hey john, wats up?

John: Nothing.

Steve: want to chill this weekend?

John: No way man, i have to go to the mall with my girl.

Steve: damn, shes such a slave driver
by DaRealSmitty June 07, 2009
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