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A pejorative neologism combining 'slacker' and 'activism,' sometimes spelled 'slacktivism.' Engaging socially in activism that requires little or no effort as part of a lifestyle or self-identity. Slactivism usually produces no appreciable results and often perpetuates poor research and hearsay.
1. When I heard that Jack was boycotting Taco Bell because he said they exploit tomato farmers in Latin America, I knew it was more of Jack's slactivism. He never visited Taco Bell anyway.

2. Jill thought of herself as an activist. She always hit "Like" on Facebook whenever a social justice issue came up, and she was a part of several Political Action Committee fan pages, but her friends knew her slactivism couldn't be counted on to write Congress or go beyond a few mouse-clicks.
by Bansuri November 29, 2010
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The slacker's form of activism. i.e. "We'll protest the next war..."
Jim wanted to sign the petition, but couldn't get off the couch. Quintessential slactivism.
by slactivist August 29, 2010
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