The action of “jacking it” (beating the absolute fuck out of your dick) and then “slacking it “ (lying around and not doing anything
Me: When I get home I finna jack it and slack it

Random nigga: vro same that’s like all I’ve been doing lately
Me: wait who tf are you
by Inatehiggers April 18, 2018
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Jake slack is the lead guitarist in the band chapter 13. He is one hell of a talented geeza.

He is probably the best guitarist you’ll meet, yes Brian May has competition now.
Jake slack is so good at guitar solos. Wow.
by lillsclark;) January 5, 2021
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When someone who thinks they can fight threatens to punch someone they cannot beat
by Pimp Tyrone October 12, 2021
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When many users mute a channel on Slack to avoid useless notifications, but the authors have noticed. So they post on others channels to make sure those users received the notifications. In the long run, those others channels will also endup being muted, since they now throw useless notifications.

Each iteration of this circle increase the number of channels the authors need to post to and the number of muted channels by the users.
- "People only post memes in #news"
- "I know, I muted that channel."
- "Me too, but they realized it! Now they post in #news, #global and #admin to be sure we see them."
- "Oh no, I'll mute those too."

- "It's the circle, the circle of slack" 🎵🦁👑🎵
by smnarnold March 19, 2020
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When your dick goes limp during anal but you keep jamming it in there
Bro, I was power driving Jessica but the blood flow killed my boner, so I ended up giving her a dirty slack
by AtlasTheKing December 18, 2021
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