meaningstupid’ or ‘dumb
i don’t understand maths because i’m slack
by char.char November 26, 2017
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Tattooed artistry that covers the legs, as “sleeves” are tattoos that cover the arms.
Bro is sooooo tatted up bro! He’s got full sleeves AND slacks!
by THExREALxTACO January 14, 2019
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D Harks... one who is lazy and unwilling to work...Harks
get over here you slack! its time for your beating.
by son of santa April 19, 2003
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Meaning she uh hoe , or awful
‘Man these shoes slack as fuck‘.
‘That lul bitch “. She slack as fuck don’t fuck wit her.
by Ghost dragon February 29, 2020
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When Karthi don't meet up at 9am as told, but instead meet up an hour later.
by SungiSuresh November 19, 2019
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Now here's a word, A BAD one. Anyone referred to as a slack is well.. boy how do I put it ?? Slow to come through, ignorant ASF!, A failure at handling tasks, SIMPLE Tasks, A slouch and lazy ASF, A Bum who won't come thru for u, A stupid mother fucker ! If you know some slacks in your life, or you yourself are a slack , change your ways damn it !
-Bro, come drop off my batch later..
-(slack) Yea yea alright
-Bro, you live 2 miles from me! Where the fuck are you...?! Give me my batch, fuck!
( slack )- Yea I'll come through tonight..
-(slack)- ...........zzzz
by exploding air plane 6969 September 3, 2017
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