the act of taking a shit while suspending oneself from walls in the stall
I took a skyscraper today and my shit landed on the floor
by C G April 3, 2007
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Think of it as a tandem pooping maneuver. Often used when 2 people have to shit at the same time and there is only one toilet. The bottom partner, or foundation, will assume a standard pooping position. The top, or structure, will squat facing the foundation, standing on the foundation's thighs, and hold the foundation's shoulders for balance. The structure shits between the foundations legs. A properly executed skyscraper will result in one uniform plop for both members of the shitting team.
My buddy and I were on a long roadtrip and both had to shit. The gas station bathroom was only a one-holer so we had to skyscraper.
by NAPOTS September 23, 2009
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sexual position, when receiving partner is penetrated with his/ her legs over the shoulders and/ or wrapped around the back of the neck of penetrating partner while he leans backward for leverage using arms to move receiver up and down in order to cause orgasm.

created by S.Socrates on 2/14/11
I S.Socrates created the skyscraper and it was awesome.
by S.Socrates February 15, 2011
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In order to rape the sky, you must be on top of a skyscraper.
by Luckypet July 11, 2008
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1. A tall building.
2. A tall building that will never again be built in NYC as long as we have short sighted assholes running the state and city gov't.
Guy #1 "Gee, look at what Bloomberg has accomplished...we've got lots of skyscraper models for downtown Manhattan, but that's it."

Guy #2 "Nice. We can film a small scale claymation Batman movie with those."
by dadeo June 29, 2005
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