The invisible ceiling or upper boundary located at the top of a map in a video game.
Don't jump too high and hit the skybox, you won't go higher than that.
by vnquishr January 20, 2016
One better than the upper deck. Instead of taking a shit in the upper tank, you take a shit on top of the upper tank. Where the upper deck is a delayed sabotage, the skybox is a blatant act of defiance.
I can't wait to see the look on Marty's face when he finds out I skyboxed his toilet!
by Anton Vettel December 13, 2010
Second Life: A floating home or business that can be positioned at any altitude up to 4,000 meters, reached either by teleporter or flying. Many people in Second Life "live" in skyboxes, which range from simple, unattractive boxes to complex castles to ornate architecture from various periods to urban lofts with 3D image windows. Skyboxes stay up indefinitely and don't fall unless you want them to (by making them physical so they react to forces, including gravity).
It's a lot of fun breaking into people's skyboxes and using their beds for trespass slex. Just be fast with the Shift-CTRL-H to get out of there quick if someone comes home and catches you in their bed!
by HCUser May 29, 2010
The act of removing a ceiling tile from the bathroom ceiling, shitting on it, and putting it back. Eventually the smell becomes unbearable, but no one knows where it is coming from.
"This bastard deserved worse than an upper decker, so I gave him The Skybox."
by Andy_Skies October 2, 2011
The act of going down on a female while holding her in the air, with her legs on your shoulder
I was skyboxing her so hard, she hit her head on the ceiling fan.
by ThEmEsHaLl December 20, 2010
When you unscrew someone's showerhead and fill the inside with feces. That way the next time they take a shower they will literally be covered in shit. Similar to the Upper Decker, the SkyBox is a step above.
A-"That asshole forgot to lock his door so I left him a present."
B-"What'd you do, give him an Upper Decker?"
A-"Nah, this dick deserved more, so I SkyBoxed him."
B-"You sick bastard!"
by DJTepid April 29, 2010
To sneak a peak at your opponent's bones while playing dominoes, mother fucker.
Julie never notices when I skybox on her bones.
by Gemilie August 17, 2006