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VERB intransitive: To lie bold faced and stubbornly to the end about something everyone can see with their own eyes to be untrue, to piss on your leg and tell you it's raining. Named after journalist Craig Anderton for his unwavering insistance that the new Harmony Central forums were working just fine even as 80% of the users left the forums in disgust because they could not log on, load pages, or make the simplest functions work. Title formerly held by Iraqi Propaganda Minister Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf who insisted Iraq was winning even as American troops could be seen storming the Baghdad airport behind him.
Don't ANDERTON me, man! I can see the freakin' thing doesn't work!
by HCUser May 27, 2010
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Short for "Ah, OK." Meaning, "I heard that but I could care less." Often said in online chat.
girl1: "So I got an A on my test today!"

girl2: "Ahok."

girl1: "....."
by HCUser June 11, 2010
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The three day Viagra you don't need to take on an empty stomach. The "weekend" love pill.
Man, I bounced on that bitch for three days straight, thanks to Cialis. Like being 16 again, except this time I know what I'm doin'.
by HCUser August 17, 2004
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Young person's term for anyone over 40 attempting to have sex, especially if the young person is jealous of their apparent success.
"Check out that creepy old dude at the bar with the hot Latina chick! WTF? He must be loaded!"
by HCUser October 28, 2006
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Second Life: A floating home or business that can be positioned at any altitude up to 4,000 meters, reached either by teleporter or flying. Many people in Second Life "live" in skyboxes, which range from simple, unattractive boxes to complex castles to ornate architecture from various periods to urban lofts with 3D image windows. Skyboxes stay up indefinitely and don't fall unless you want them to (by making them physical so they react to forces, including gravity).
It's a lot of fun breaking into people's skyboxes and using their beds for trespass slex. Just be fast with the Shift-CTRL-H to get out of there quick if someone comes home and catches you in their bed!
by HCUser May 29, 2010
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Going on a spree of posting tubgirl on an internet forum.
Shit, I got IP banned for tubgirling Harmony Central.
by HCUser October 6, 2006
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Going on a spree of posting tubgirl on an internet forum.

Shit, I got IP banned for tubgirling the guitar forum.
by HCUser October 10, 2006
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