v. (with direct object)

To outleap, especially in the process of catching a flying object such as a disc or ball. Often associated with great embarrassment for the outleapt.
Onlooker: Wow, that 5'5'' kid just skyed the shit out of you!

Me: Yep.
by Shaanster June 19, 2007
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(pronounced skeez) a suffix used to create a better sense of excitement or emotion in certain words.
"Alright I'm doneskies!"
"I'll talk to you later. Kaybyeskies."
"Ah! You're a choafskies!"
"Talk to you laterskies."
"Mmm! This stuff is goodskies!"
by choafoso February 23, 2009
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"Gaah, the sky is so so opressive and blue!"
- My sister mimicking my whining mother.
by Kr1574 July 20, 2008
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Sky is one of the loveliest people you will ever meet. She is beautiful in every way possible she has a great sense of humour is absolutely amazing and adorable. She is very cute with an attitude that will give you goosebumps. She’s very sporty and sweet. She has beautiful brown eyes and hair. She is a great athlete and very competitive but that doesn’t reflect on her everyday character she is amazing in every way.
Boy 1: who is she? She is amazing

Boy 2: that’s sky she IS amazing in every way!!!
by Sktskt May 26, 2019
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a Gangja Smokers Favorite place to trip at night. Just stare up,and the world is perfect who cares about snakes in the grass,and spiders,You have MaryJane :D
Dude Blaze that shit up,and send it my way before the sun comes up,we have to stare at the sky.
by Mr.Ganja August 09, 2009
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I nicked the dosh, slipped it in me sky and had it away on me toes = I stole the money, slipped it in my pocket and ran away
by Bill Cranny December 16, 2003
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a beautiful young girl with beautiful blue eyes and a nice ass. Usually from Europe. Loves fruit and aspires to be a vegitarian and a model.
"The winner of antm is such a sky!"
by M.r Jone$ February 11, 2008
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