A really HOTT guy who loves music and doesnt show his feelings. Sweet cute guy that is too clueless to see that a girl does like him
Thats Sky hes soo HOTT
by GirlDatLikesHIm May 20, 2009
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1) go outside
-look up

2) the only thing know to science that has been made more beautiful by pollution
That's the sky?
Yep. Up.
That's one nice sky.
Yep, nice.
by Harsh_but_Fair October 07, 2004
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A 13 year old chinese boy whose girls think he likes dumplings and he is wearing a black sweater and black frame glasses. Also wearing a pair of Nike Shoes grey track pants.
Jack: Oh My Gosh! It's Sky
Jesly: Damn that's lit
by Chidori a Skeet skeet June 07, 2018
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A REALLY gorgeous/HOT girl with an amazing ass who is often intellegent, talented, athletic, stylish, AND has an awsome personality, but never seems to have a boyfriend because there are'nt any guys whom have the balls to ask her out (me included). Although, however alone her love life maybe, it's ok because she DGAFs when it comes to romance, which only makes her more intimidating.
Steve: Hey u know that really smart/hot/nice girl over there?
Bill: "yeah, i'd hella tap dat ass"
Steve: "Me tooo, She's such a Sky."
Bill: "you should git on that bro"
Steve: "I wish man, but i don't have the nads"
by steveirweener April 28, 2011
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Friend : Sly, why won't u just go out with him?
Sky : Cause i won't just go out with any guy!
by Sky January 30, 2005
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A cute , pretty , friendly, intelligent and talented girl. Shy at first but if u get to know her, she is the best girl you’ll ever met. Many boys like her but doesn’t have the guts to ask her out
I wish I could ask Sky out...:(
by Jahshdhd May 21, 2018
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