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A skank who is clearly on Ket .
Dude: Hey u off to the festival mate?
Dude 2: Nah allow it, there's bare Skrets about.
Dude: Yer but they'll prob give u a free blowey
Dude 2: I'm alright to be honest. I'd rather rub one out than let some skretter at me.
by SadiaWillMosh June 22, 2016
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An insult used to tell someone that they're a dirty/filthy sperm cell.
"dude, i wish your mom ate your dad's skret."

"fuck you, i'm not a fucking skret."
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by nep and ell July 27, 2018
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A little annoying cunt who pisses off everyone and thinks hes the biggest thug on earth (usually compensating for a small cock)
LITTLE SKRET: *does something annoying*
EVERYONE ELSE: fuck off you little skret
by SKRETY NIGGER November 12, 2019
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