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Jordan: I'll skrape the shit out of you.

Keat: I'm definitely drunk enough for that.
by Candouche July 16, 2010
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The use of taking your car, putting larger rims on it, and moving the car from left to right, causing the rims/tires to "skrape" with the cars frame next to the tires.
We got in the caddy with them 22's and started to skrape.
by Juan Turrentino February 16, 2007
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Non-consensual skype sex.
Dude, she's so prude about skype sex that I had no choice but to skrape her.
by DZBC October 28, 2010
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A hard rock band which kicks ass but nobody knows who they are. I'm not trying to advertise here, but If you like melodic Hard Rock Music check Skrape out. You won't be disappointed at all. But, if you're a metal or rap fan, I don't know what to say
Me: Hey, check out this band Skrape!! they kick ass!!!
Guy who listens to melodic Hard Rock: Wow, they're hella good!!! What's the name of this song?
Me: The name of the song is I can't breathe, it's from their album Up the Dose
Wigga: What the fuck y'all listen' to bitches Haaaa!!!
Me (angrily, but still being nice, I hand him the CD player): Here.
Wigga: WTF!! This shit is gay fo sho!!
Me: Oh really, so what in your definition is gay?
Wigga: Everything except Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Jon, and the real shit G!! But I als o like some of dis Rock Music, like Linkin Park's new album.
Me:(shake head and walk away)
Wigga: Yeah that's right yo!! Y'all betta bounce foo!!! Wow, I'm the hardcore gangsta rapper on this side of Beverly Hills!! Y'all better fear Brad Williams III!! The real gangsta!!
by closeyoureyes March 31, 2005
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Forced to Skype someone without a say
Talnt: JAMZ SKYPE ME oR I'lL spread rumors about yoU!

Jamz: /msg appathebison1 TALNT IS SKRAPING ME! SKRAPE !
by jamzlen November 19, 2015
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