Like phonesex but geekyer. Using the program skype to talk to one another.
Man I'm so horny I'll go on skype and have me some Skypesex.
by Mark Williams February 27, 2006
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having phone sex through skype.
I just found out that Amy was staying up all night to have skypesex with his boyfriend.
by Sean Lee October 30, 2007
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Two fat unattractive people waving their genetils at their respective webcams whilst talking dirty.
Dude, Alex and Johnny had skype sex last night.
by Logan_The_Badass March 25, 2016
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Showing penus and vagena while rubbing/yanking together over the app Skype.
Omg I just totally had skype sex with that hot dude from the football team
by Dynexutie September 27, 2017
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