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A slang term or nickname for someone named scott, usually has a large penis and a great stamina in the bedroom. Usually willing to rent there body for sexual pleasure for a small fee.
Sick i jsut picked up a skot for cheap as chips
i just took skot for a ride now i cant walk properly
by Jackass_12345 March 22, 2007
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skot -everything 1. amazing; awesome; wonderful; magnificent; marvellous; awing; trememdous, extraordinanry; grand; fantastic; terrific; wondrous; etc etc etc
you're so skot!
by hmmm6 February 06, 2010
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1. (n) a talented performer 2. (n) a lover whose stamina is seemingly endless

(n pl.) skots
(adj) skottish
(adv) skotly
Casanova and Don Juan are the quintessential skots of history.
by Slime Mold February 14, 2003
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1. Scrubber, he abodes in Northwingfield.

2. also a sexually transmitted disease that occurs when having anal sex with the elderly or obese, or both.
Ohh God its skot
bugger its skot

shit ive got skot on the end of my dick
i had sex with a granny and caught skot
by pamface September 17, 2006
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1)It means gay, or a gay guy who hates on lesbians. Derive from a person's name.

2)A stereotypical person who stereotypes females(especially Asian) as lesbians.

3)Small minded

4)Quotation mark

1)Dude, you sure you're straight? You praise guys so much and harass the girls. Sound more like you're blaming the girls for turning you gay. You're skot!

2)Stop being a skot-fuck. You barely even know her, how do you know she's gay!?

3)Bet you have a pea size brain just like skot.

4)Stop skotting my name!

5)Hur hur, skot...
by skotsuckbigtime September 05, 2008
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dutch slang

to ignore someone or something.

synonym: skip, skippen- to ignore
ewa mattie heb je die chickie gezien? ze kon nie van me afblijven, maar ik heb

dr gewoon geskot.”
by annakeirapalomino October 30, 2018
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