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2 definitions by Asymptotical

Also called a Snail Trail. The act of sliding ones vagina across the face of an unsuspecting victim, usually one who is passed out from acute alcohol sleeps. Similar to the male version called Tea Bagging.
Driver totally Skootered Lora at the after party. I think Lora was awake and enjoying it though.
by Asymptotical October 17, 2014
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1. To be the reciver.
2. To be tricked into viewing any pictures of Goatse.
3. The art of making things looks like Gostse.
1. Man, my asshole hurts that from that being Gostse'd
2. DAMNIT! I got goatse'd AGAIN!
3. This pumpkin totally looks like Goatse.
by Asymptotical October 4, 2005
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