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A girl who is a complete whore. You may have some synonyms like skank, skeeze, whore, slam pig, and many others, but a Skonky is THE ultimate whore. Imagine the skankiest chick you know, and multiply that times ten, and then picture the girls you and your boy were banging on Friday after the club, and on Saturday she is fucking your other boy. Basically, they run through groups of friends fucking them all. They usually have one to two kids, and while fucking you they always call you daddy cuz, there is defintely some underlying missing father issues and she's also looking for someone with money to be "daddy" to her kids.
Yo, are you fucking kidding me? Look at this fuckin skonky over here.... Didn't we run train on her last weekend, and isn't that Dave basically fucking that skony by the bathroom?... fuckin skonky.
by brocktonPASIT January 13, 2010
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