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There are two ways to define 'Skinny Love', but both talk about romantic relationships.
The first is used to describe a type of relationship between two people that are very in love with each other, or are crushing big time on the other; but are far to embarrassed to express their feelings. The relationship is 'skinny' because they have yet to come out and explain their true feelings. There is no communication, there for it's not even really a 'relationship'.
The second is to describe a similar thing, but instead of no communication, the relationship lacks love. It is where two people are dating just for the sake of dating, the sake of being with someone. To fill that empty void, to give them something to do. They do not actually love each other.
Example ->

Samatha: Aw how sweet! Jimmy and Kira look so cute together. It must be true love!
Kira's friend: Yeah, but they are always too shy to tell each other that they love them. It's skinny love.
by Frosty-chan October 06, 2013
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The first attribute of skinny love and the first step towards its actualization is the lack of nourishment. In a song titled
โ€œSkinny Love


as first released by Bon Iver (originally Justin Vernon) in 2007, the term was used to describe a relationship between two lovers. According to Justin Vernon
, โ€œYou're in a relationship because you need help, but that's not n
ecessarily why you should be in a relationship. And that's skinny. It doesn't have weight. Skinny love doesn't have a chance because it's not nourished

(Currin, 2011). As for the recent revival of singer Birdy, she interprets the song like it is about a break-
up from a love that didnโ€Ÿt exist and so was
never true but needed to move on (Hub, 2013). While relationships were meant to establish the connection between two persons, it does not necessarily imply that all relationships work as it sometimes tend to fail due to lack of nourishment. Skinny love is unnourished because it feeds on anything but healthy


be it lies, deceits, pretentions or hatred. The lack of nourishment impedes the growth of what once sustained it, love.
They are so co-dependent on one another, they have a skinny love.
by cyberbuddha April 12, 2015
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when two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they still show it.
Tina: Gosh Claudia! You are so in love with Mark!
Claudia: It's more like skinny love when it comes to us.
by Rodsby June 27, 2010
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When two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they show it anyway.
Matt Smith: "Karen has harboured a huge crush on me over the past nine months."
Karen Gillan: "Matt has a massive crush on me."

'Who's Matt's celebrity crush?'
Karen: "I don't really know."
Matt: "I'm going to say Karen Gillan."

Karen: "Matt's a superb kisser."
Matt: "I'd give Karen a 9 or 10 for kissing."

Interviewer: (to Karen) "but you're so pretty!"
Karen: "aw."
Matt: "Thanks! Thanks buddy!"

This ladies and gentlemen is a very good example of Skinny Love. As you can see, Matt and Karen are definitely in love with each other but they are not in a relationship.
by mattsmithswife July 24, 2013
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When two people really love/like each other, and both of them know it, but don't have a serious relationship.
This is generally because they are too shy to talk about it to each other.
Girl 1: Josh and Izzy are so cute together!
Girl 2: Yeah, they should def. move on from their skinny love...
by thatsmartalec April 16, 2013
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when two people like each other a lot, but have no chance of being together. This is because there is nothing that can connect these two people, and they are too shy to talk about that topic/ to talk to each other at all.
Those two have been crushing on each other for a really long time. Nothing will ever happen because there's only skinny love between them.
by paradisepony April 13, 2016
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Love that's too skinny to survive. It's not properly fleshed out, and is doomed to failure.
guy 1: "you think Bob and Alice's relationship will last the year?"
guy 2: "nah, that's only skinny love holding them together"
by zditre September 10, 2011
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