the act of forgiveness or, that time of the night where you don’t know where you are anymore.
1. hey man i’m really sorry i was being a complete dinkle skinner

by childishgamboon June 11, 2018
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The Assistant Director for The FBI in the x-files Both being a good guy, and a bad guy.
And a "friend" to The Cigarette Smoking Man
Can't Walter Skinner make up his mind about Scully or Mulder ?

Or hell, even The Cigarette Smoking Man.
by Fox_Mulder July 23, 2019
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“Shawn Skinner” is the act of smacking back 10 beers before eating the Holy Ghost out of a girls ass
John- hey dan did u do a Shawn Skinner last night

Dan- yeah I was hamsauced last night and her ass was looking juicy

John- solid
by Dawgpoo February 8, 2019
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