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Term used when one is chilling out and smoking weed or drugs of any kind. It usually involves skipping school, or missing work that day.
Phone rings.. "Hey I noticed you're car at home " "What are you doing ?"

ME: "Not much ,just Maxin' and Relapsin' "
by Dfdubmountain November 29, 2019

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The resurgence of the wavy in the back Mullet hairstyle . Predominantly wore by high school aged fans of Country and Western lifestyle and fashion.
WTF ? Did the rodeo just let out or what ? I've never seen this place packed with dudes all sporting "Howdy Hair"
by Dfdubmountain November 09, 2020

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Name of reverence given to a guy who gets a lot of women, seemingly with little or no effort.
"Old Skinner ain't no beginner, he had it in'er before dinner"
by Dfdubmountain June 16, 2020

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