Short form of r/againsthatesubreddits. A subreddit of annoying self-appointed Internet police officers who think it is their mission to expose so-called hate speech (or just anything that hurts their feelings) and report it to the Reddit admins.
AHS brigades what it deems to be "hate subs" but whines about being brigaded.
by Truth Warrior May 14, 2020
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"Did you check out that eppy of ahs last night?"
by awmann October 9, 2013
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A slow laugh spoken by the 'Count Von Count' character from the children's television series, Sesame Street, when counting. The laugh can also be imitated in a comedic sense during a moment of hilarity.
Count Von Count: One UrbanDictionary word, ah ah ah! Two UrbanDictionary words, ah ah ah! Three UrbanDictionary words, ah ah ah!


Dude 1: What do you call a cheap circumcision? A rip off!

Dude 2: Ah ah ah!
by buzzspark July 15, 2017
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a filler word. means etc. also like "woot de woot" or "blahzeblah"
girl: he came up to me talkin all his shit like " you beautiful girl. we gotta link up sometime," ah ah ah
by prettylittlething.xO November 23, 2020
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Ah Ah, take this in, we’re having a jam, there’s gonna be bare tings.
by Dejo July 20, 2020
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Word that originates from rap god bobby shmurda.

Used as a call too in some crip gangs
free bobby ah ah ah
by Vlonethug Julian SLAAT January 7, 2019
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Used to describe a person or thing that is full of it, fake, or lying. People who are posers can be descirbed as Ah-ah-ah.
No, he's ah-ah-ah, he never played high school basketball.
by socitytable September 26, 2003
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