The sport of the 1% involving hot chocolate, snow bunnies, and nice sweaters. Often shunned by the shallow minds of those that refer to themselves as the 99%.
Not everybody makes lots of cash at a big firm and therefore gets to enjoy one percent activities such as skining.
by Aronauer January 02, 2012
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Adj:unbearably cool sexy and juicy
Synonmys: awesome, sweet
"Damn, mom this fruit is skine"
"Did you see that new movie? Its so skine"
by Shineyskiney January 31, 2010
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"skine" relating to the word skeen.

It is said in conversation with one another and is used as a form of understanding.

It has a mixture of pronounciations including (sh-k-i-ne), (sk-i-i-ne) and (sk-i-ne).

An extra "age" (ar-j) can also be added to the end of the word to emphasize the word. "skinage" (sk-i-i-ne-ar-j).
Gus: you know that reflexx murked some manz from norf.
Sean: skine was it a raw bangin?
Gus: yeh manz got owned differently.
by Sean. Tikz . February 26, 2008
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A booger at the top of your nostril that you can't blow out, that aggravates you till no end;a motherfucker that you can't do nothing with
That skine-booger owes thirty five motherfucking dollar if he don't pay me by next Friday I'm taking him off the map!
by Shorty Reese November 03, 2016
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