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The generic name for a modern or contemporary kilt - often with pockets and made out of fabrics other than tartan.

Possibly a combination of the words Skirt and Kilt.

Used as a brand name by a British kilt maker.
"Hey man, nice Skilt!"

"Are you wearing anything under your Skilt?"
"Shoes and socks..."

"It's not a skirt, it's not a kilt, it's a Skilt."
by revanslacey April 28, 2009
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Skilt - A skilled man in a kilt
(part of the spruffin and lessien language)
Ooer, he looks a skilt!
by Lessien Elanesse June 06, 2004
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being severly beaten or defeated at something. See pwnt, owned, pwned, 0wnx0rz, and Pwnx0rz.
Bitch, you just got skilt!
by Julia Weiss July 07, 2003
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