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Means literally anything you want it to mean. Ambiguous but nonetheless, the skerpiest word of all time. Commonly also used as skerpy derpy, skerpiest, mmmm
Oooooooo the McRib is the skerpiest thing of all time
by Mmmskerpyderpy July 19, 2018
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When Skype is derping it's called Skerp and it's skerping.
Hey Dallan, why u no writin' back on Skype?!

......... 12 hours later ..........

Wtf, 859 messages just popped up on Skerp.
by Leijoninnan July 25, 2011
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A Verb and noun used by professional gamers and streamers. This word is used to describe what you are doing or where you are going in a video games.
"Hey, let's land in Risky and then skerp over to Wailing Woods" or "Hey, this town has not been skerped yet, lets check it out" or "lets skerp for some mats, I am low on wood" or "I see Skerpers over to the North, watch out!"
by Skerp Man July 18, 2018
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kick ass c-s player who knows what he's doin...
man you be skerpin like a pro
by bobo May 07, 2003
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