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A man who treats every girl like a queen
Wow! I went out with a dallan tonight
by Duke Henry December 20, 2016
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A person who is mysterious and intelligent. Has a good sense of humor and can really make everyone laugh so hard. Really sensitive and emotional.

Always misunderstood as a bad person as they tend to play a different persona. Once you get to know who they really are, they are kind hearted and sympathetic. They are good listeners and would be willing to help you any time. They would always know what advice to give for every situation.

They might look tough on the outside, but deep inside they’re soft. They are very affectionate and would love to have your company 24/7. They are good partners in life. You’ll just love everything about them.

Before judging their qualities, you better get to know them first.
Dallan is so amazing.
by Bwaaah1_9 February 19, 2019
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