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A nickname for fat slutty chicks. A cross between Skank, and cankles.
"Check out skankles over there, eating nachos with one hand and jacking a guy off with the other.
by lollerbuny August 13, 2007
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A skank with Cankles.
Did you see the outfit that girls was wearing?

Yeah! She should definitely put some pants on, she's got skankles!
by Sonya 123 January 16, 2009
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Opposite of Cankles, the ankles do exist they are just to skinny to be considered real ankles and hence are referred to as skankles (=skinny ankles)
hey there pins, nice skankles you look like a chicken
by JMSMD AKA CHOMP October 27, 2007
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combination of skank and kankle. someone who's a fat whore and has kankles. or someone who throws pieces of gum wrappers that look like kankles away
Tom: hey skankle

Nick: ur moms a whore
by i w e a r n o p a n t s June 11, 2010
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n. a skank with cankles (cankles are legs that are so fat there is no difference between the calf and the ankle hence-->cankles) a skankle can be a whore, hussy, or skank, but with a little more baggage. she might blame this extra weight on children she's had in the past years, but in reality, a skankle's overweightness is largely contributed to depression caused by a man or lack thereof. so really her "baby weight" is nothing more than the heartbreak thus inflicted from being a skankle. a skankle can quite often be a cockblock or cockblocker but is most commonly just a plump version of a skank
Britney Spears is a skankle
by hollzbollz October 28, 2010
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Combination form of "skank" and "ankles". Very large ankles on a skank or otherwise unpleasant woman.
"She thinks she is so hot, but she's got skankles..."
by standingfox April 11, 2009
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Skankle (sk-ANG-kuhl) n:
1 A person lacking integrity; slutty.
2 A promiscuous ankle.
3. A straight mark-ass trick; skank.
"Hey Billy, put your pants and socks back on and quit being such a skankle."
by DeLaine Quail February 12, 2007
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