1. a slut,hoe,whore,postitute.
2. a person with abnormally dirty thoughts and actions toward others
3. Hunter F.C.
4. sunshine
5. a person of hig sexual activity
6. Hunter

1. Daym Skank Hunter is trying to have sex with that tree again.
by jedispoon May 07, 2008
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1) A very promiscuous girl that tends to dress in a very scandalous manor.

2) A slang term used to describe the awesomeness of something.
1) OMG! Look at that girl, she is such a skank I bet she has a patati. Look at what she is wearing, that shouldn't be on a 12 year-old.

2) Guy 1: Holy cow, I am so high this is so skank.

Guy 2: Kosher dude!!
by poonwang February 26, 2010
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Part of the mank-jank-skank-rank-gank scale of just how bad something is. All are negative terms.

gank is worse than
rank is worse than
skank is worse than
jank is worse than
by James Keenan May 25, 2006
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A girl who is either really ugly or sleeps around ALOT!!!
Usually blokes tend to think they're easy (which they are)

There are usually a few around each town where anyone lives, there is loads around where i live.
'Did you hear about that Kim girl? She's a right skank!'
by PrettyRaveGal XxXxX March 04, 2008
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Often used to imply a lesser class of person, with no style or class. Usually of poor taste and probably never checks themself in the mirror before presenting themselves to the public. Can also be used as an affectionate term between friends to convey messages of admiration and love, usually a retaliation to an jovious insult.
"Piss off! You're a total skank!"
"What time you want to head out, you big skanky ho."

"Well, you are just a Mandurah skank."
by Aim4Less August 29, 2006
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