Someone who scuffs your sneakers and does not appologize.
some trick ass mark dun stepped on my sneakers and poured Morton salt all o'r dem
by Clayton October 18, 2004
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1)some crazy nigg named mark whos a crack swindelin, shoe scuffin, man with ganasyphalis
2)when yo cars pimped out and some man drags a key down that shit, scuffs it up, so yo fly ride aint, ho double t no mo'
1)man that trick ass mark got all them STD's from that nasty ho'
2)that trippin crack swindelin fool put a trick ass mark on my ride
by ArticWolf November 9, 2004
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a ho in da street wit no money gettin a hand job in tha ass.
Yo that bitch gettin a trick ass mark bustor
by p-town September 19, 2005
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people who're dumbasses!!! And annoying ass hell, and have a shitty attitude
a term of endearment to your friends
Shut the hell up, ya punk ass trick ass mark!

Sup man! Ya punk ass trick ass mark! (HAHAHA)
by WhateverzClever July 24, 2009
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