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A singular form of the New Zealand word Skax. Originally used to note a cool male who is successful with females. It can be used to describe females who are stylish.

Often in New Zealand the first letter or someones first name is used then hyphenated with the word skak as a nickname.
Man that guy is a skak he got four phone numbers in one night.

Wow, she is dressed nice what a skak.

Kendra: How's it going L-Skak?
Leroy: I'm not bad. What about you, K-Skak?
by H-Skak July 01, 2012
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N. A girl who is sooo damn ugly and disgusting and slutty and ewww that she doesnt deserve to be called a you call her a skak..
"God damn damn James your your sister is a mother fucking SKAK!"
by Allen January 03, 2004
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a girl that is increadbly ugly and potent that has to have a paper bag over her head to stop the erection from going floppy.
holy fuck man lauren is a skak, wheres my paper bag?
by Garinman June 30, 2005
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Skak is good, awesome, NOT BAD, a good time. has no relation to skank.

We love skak.
Also we love: skaky, skaktastic, skakin, skaker, skakalicous, skakattack, skakly, &skakle.
Bob: "god your moms hot."
Gerf: "Yeah shes skakin!"

Hong: "why is this movie so un-skak?"
Paul: "dude, i know. tottaly not skaky!"
by Megasin. December 31, 2009
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