A woman who needs to be in control of everyone and everything without any regard for other people.
"Your mum is such a Skag for making you join the boy scouts..."
by amenoire February 01, 2008
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To remove without permission, to steal
I skag, he skags, we skag, you skag, they skag
by The Willster March 25, 2003
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disgusting, gross, sickening.

makes you feel SICK.

or, skaggy luke.
luke just came onto me, he is so SKAGGY.
by obbers child October 14, 2007
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skag can have a number of uses gennerally it means bad!! is/was/will be bad this is worse then shit!!
"i'm on a skag buzz"
"ur auld 1 is skag"
"who rolled this shit its fuckin skag boyzz"
"ahhh skag""
"dont be skag"
by the.tangles.net January 18, 2008
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The general defenition of Skag is a skanky SLAG. This word was made up by Hanzz when she was in Brighton.
Omg that Gamy Butchin is such a fu'cking skag!
by Juice 'ED November 11, 2006
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Skug, but much older. While their venemous capabilitied have been almost entirely spent from years of frequent and repetative spitting, they are often much stronger than their younger counterparts, capable of withstanding considerable impact to knees and elbows and leaping up from a prone position with little effort.

Also of the Western Canadian genus of skag; Toque le Skug, skugzilla, skaoggorath.
"dude, your mom's such a skag."
"hey,... fuck you, man."
by OrSin August 01, 2007
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