New game... Golden Girls... M/F/K... and GO difficulty: two of them are already dead, you sick bastards

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by Smiddy04 February 28, 2010
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M/K is a person who tries his hardest to love to the best of his abilities, but not every female is good to him. He has a tendency to fall for the wrong girls, and when he falls for the right girls, they always fucks it up. Despite the fact that he receives nothing, he gives in his all. He is well-liked and well-known. He's sexy and hot, and girls tend to stare at him a lot whenever he walks.
You are just like M/K
by M K :) November 22, 2021
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this is a word used to show the love of millenium_gaming and kevin the super hot friend of papi vel
by millenium_gaming August 12, 2023
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someone who is genetically superior. owns much more hella then wootz n run. may say do0d fak you bitch die!!@#!
m 1 k 3 y pisses excellence.
by hahaugotpwnd July 25, 2008
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1) an acronym for 7 people; (M-A-K-E-M-M-G)
2) a group of whores who think they're the fucking shit 'cause they act cool & tough on facebook. in person they're all little pussies.
3) a really ugly group of people who only have each other as friends.
4) M- too skinny for words to describe.
A - needs to fill in the gap between her 2 front teeth because she looks like a redneck.
K - the biggest whore in the group who likes to mess with guys hearts.
E - the biggest bitch who ever walked the face of the earth.
M - the biggest prude guy who acts tough as shit, but can't face the truth that he's a twat with no real friends.
M - uses "hahaha" as a comeback because he's got nothing else.
G - three words: flat faced chink.
1) dude1: "Holy shit, dude, did you see those fags last night?"
dude2: "Which ones? M-A-K-E-Me-Massively-Gag?"
dude1: "Yeah those bitches."
dude2: "Haha yeah, I saw all the girls eating each other out last night in public, while those 2 dudes were wacking each other off!"
dude1: "WHAT WHORES! And wow, I didn't know those guys had dicks?"
dude2: "Haha, I know dude; they look more like really tight tooth-filled pussies, instead!"
dude1: "Did you take pics?"
dude2: "DUH! They're all over NJ now!"
dude1: "Hahahaha! What a bunch of desperate, lonely whores! They have to refer to their own group to get some!"
by madison,nj+summit,nj=death September 23, 2009
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A young man with dark skin, most likely from Nigeria, who is very perverted and dirty. He tends to make random noises at random moments. He sometimes wears glasses.

(by Terrør)
That idiot over there is just like s m o k y b r o w n.
by terror the retard August 21, 2017
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