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Modern-day bimbos who dress cute and wear glitter to attract attention. Within Burning Man culture, they play "vulnerable" and "submissive" and spread "love and light" to gain "gifts" and popularity points. They use their "sparkle" to avoid hard-labor. Causing problems is detrimental to their survival, so they avoid social tensions and trot away at the first signs of trouble. They get what they need from those around them so they don't like to rock the boat. They are not socially or politically oriented. They are followers not leaders.
How can you not love Lolly?? She's the perfect Sparkle Pony. She smiles and shines. She loves to hoop and spread love to everyone!
by ~Xiola~ October 24, 2011

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Word used in black politcal activist, Gil Scott-Heron's famous spoken-word piece, "The Revolution Will Not be Televised" to denote an "escape drug" that will not be able to destract from the inevitable Revolution.
I'm going to do my "skag" and pretend like this shit isn't going down. I don't want to see the reality of what's happening here. I don't want to worry about it, because at the end of the day, The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.
by ~Xiola~ October 26, 2011

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Neo Feminist = NEW + Feminist

Neo = "NEW" in German

Also known as “New Wave Feminist” (“New Wave Feminism”)

Men who are scared of empowered women will label these women "Neo Feminists" because they want to associate them with the militant-oriented word "Neo Nazis" - but they don't understand that the word "Neo" means "New" - NOT "Radical".

Ignorant people will use this word to shame and disparage people who fight for gender equal rights.

It’s ANOTHER under-handed way that the male dominant society wishes to control your views of empowered women.

Intelligent people will be mindful of the context in which the word is being used. Paying attention to the tone, inflection and context in which someone uses the word "Neo Feminist" says more about the person saying it than the actual meaning of the word.
"I am not afraid to declare it to the world: I am proud to be a New Wave Feminist. I will not be shamed by an idiot who calls me a Neo Feminist."
by ~Xiola~ November 23, 2011

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