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The sexual act that involves the female putting a packet of pop rocks in her mouth, and proceeding to give oral sex to a male. This results in a great tingling sensation that can be very arousing on the male's penis.
instead of a traditional blowjob, I decided to spice things up and opened a packet of pop rocks, suggesting a sizzler.
by Themachine2015 January 20, 2016
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n. The end result of locking one's child in a car on a hot day and forgetting about it. Usually refered to as "little sizzler" or "li'l sizzler."
I just read about some moo and duhd that forgot their sprog in the SUV. Seems like you read about one little sizzler per day during the summer.
by Spongebutt Squishpants August 23, 2004
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A US restaurant chain known for its steaks and seafood.
"- So yeah, we shower it up, and then wherever the town is, we go find a Sizzler or whatever-- Me, Lana, you and tv's Michael Gray, double-date-- And the flrrp-- get shitty on rib eyes and scotch."
"- Mmmkay."
Archer, season 6, ep.13
by Psychotechnic April 12, 2015
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Also known as a 'Hot Sizzler' or 'Steamy Sizzler', A Sizzler is a extremely hot and spicy cumshot, sometimes to the point of boiling. This form of ejaculation is rare, and dangerous, and can result in burn flesh and painful intercourse. Sizzlers, or 'Hot Sizzlers' happen when a man gets the scoots and becomes too aroused by his partner, his cock and balls go into overdrive and heat up, or boil the semen within. Sizzlers can also shoot up to 12 yards, and have a avg. speed of 45/Mph.
Man, I shot a hot sizzler allover that girl's bossum

Can i get a BigMac with extra Sizzler Sauce please?

Hey, Kyle, Are your moms tits burnt from my sizzler last night?
by Balls McHoolihan November 20, 2013
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A Big Lie. A real whopper. Something of real audacity, deep hypocrisy or serious ambition. It sizzles and it's hot, like a giant sausage spitting fat at a barbecue.
Bush's claim that Saddam Hussein was good buddies with Osama Bin Laden has to be one of the big sizzlers of the twenty-first century.

Another sizzler might have been, "This is my last territorial demand in Europe".

After twenty years of filling his skull with paranoid bullshit, Jimmy's mother's claim that the poor boy was autistic was a real sizzler.
by Fearman February 22, 2008
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