To be sitting in a started car at a stop sign, or the middle of the street for longer than usual.

Usually talking to someone, buying drugs, just watching people, looking for things in their car.

This usually happens in ghetto areas.
1."Dang bruh, dey been sittin fa like 5 minutes."

2."Why have they been sittin for so long"
by Baller Status April 15, 2008
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sittin' on it is a term used for men who want to get laid. it is a very abrupt way of asking but hey you gotta get laid right?
I told her to get sittin' on it and she practically jumped on it!
by Zechariah Troth March 5, 2009
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with 3 people in the back seat, the one in the middle is sittin bitch
we passed by my friends car, and donte was sittin bitch
by Jacks1213 September 30, 2007
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To reach your peak when smoking marijuana.
Little Timmy: Yo, that was my 8th bong rip.
Johnny: Word, I'm cloud sittin.
by CME April 27, 2008
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To be content with one's current state of mind, situation, or mood.
Man, once I'm off work tonight and drinking some Nati Ices with my boys, I'll be sittin' good.
by Trapper John MD July 17, 2012
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