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(noun.) A man usually of short height, who likes to use/own condoms way bigger than his own actual penis size, to boost his ego around his friends/companion (Unlikely that he has one)

Originates from Asian English/Cantonese Slang
Hey heard Sito got busted by his ex. Turns out hes only got an incher.
by MCYU January 02, 2017
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One who asks one too many questions, has to know everything at a every given second, and or meaning grandma.
Dude don't be a sito.
by Faint88 November 06, 2009
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An extremely cool kid, that lives in M.I.A.Y.A.Y.O. He is a prep that occasionally dresses ghetto. His pants always showing his underwear. Stud with the girls!
Kid 1: He look its that famous kid Sito
Kid 2: He's a cool prepster!
Sito: What did you say about my mama
Kid 1&2:(in Unison and fright) Nothing cool sir
Sito:(Beats kids for talking about his mama)
Kid 2: Sito ur still cool after beating us up with your incredibly big and strong muscles and really ripped abs.
by Sito July 30, 2006
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buy the domain for your cat site
Jimithy: He is such a sito, he couldn't pass elementry school.
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by TheOtherGuy13 October 13, 2016
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