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If cancer was a physical place you could visit, this would be it. Also known as "Sewer City" the "Dirty Sioux" and "The Sux" among others. It's filled with methheads, deadbeats and in the middle of fucking nowhere with literally nothing to do.
Person 1: Where are you from?
Person 2: I'm from Sioux City

Person 1: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that
by KCPole95 July 27, 2017
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Home of the Bandits (Indoor Football), Musketeers (Hockey), and Explorers (Semi-Pro Baseball) and formerly Bombers (Basketball). Population 85,000. North Sioux City, South Dakota 2,500 and South Sioux City Nebraska 12,000. Metro Area 100,000. Many different cultures and types of people. Nicknamed "Little Chicago" because of having a reputation for being a "dirty city". Neighborhoods include: Morningside, Greenville, Leeds, Northside, Westside, Indian Hills, Riverside. Large Spanish population. You get what you need in The Sioux, dat 712. Flight 232 Crash. Adam Moss mass murderer. Sgt. Floyd Monument, Purple f- bridge connecting South Sioux. When you visit, go to Mavrick's Gentlemens Club. shoutout. Tyson Center. Kirk Hinrich Chicago Bulls.
Man we in that 712, that Sioux City ! We be puttin in work all day in that Westside!
by SCballa May 04, 2008
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A place in Iowa, it is a rather big city for its state. Despite this, it is a craphole. It literally smells like crap when you're coming in from the Morningside area. Sometimes you will smell a skunk or see someone sleeping under a bridge. When scoping said bridge, one might even find a knife or used syringe.

Digging in your backyard in semi-ghetto to ghetto areas is not recommended, as one may find bodies in Riverside, other parts of the West side, and the North Side.

Also, it was featured in a movie for its ability to bully the shit out of people.
Hey, did you see what people did to the kid on that bus in the Bully movie?

Yeah, man, Sioux City is evil. Smells like shit, too.
by Anonomonophon August 21, 2012
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City in Iowa which is small by most standards but large by Midwest standards (100k metro).

Driving though Siouxland along I-29 you will be met with: statue of chief War Eagle, big green bridge, Missouri River, dirt cliff with houses about to crumble and fall 100+ ft, eternal construction, downtown, Floyd monument.

Also called Sewer City, because it smells disgusting thanks to the wastewater treatment facility, slaughterhouse, and fertilizer plant, all strategically placed right next to the interstate. Slaughterhouse was torn down a few years ago, cutting down on the swampy death scent.

Home to several distinct neighborhoods across three states:

-Abysmal half empty downtown (IA)
-ghetto west side (IA)
-ghetto riverside (IA)
-semi ghetto north side (IA)
-Morningside (IA)
-Hamilton Heights/country club (IA)
-Singing hills (IA) home to craphole mall yet has worst traffic in town
-Sergeant Bluff (IA)
-South Sioux City (NE) home of large Hispanic population and recently East African immigrants
-Dakota City (NE) new home of slaughterhouse

-North Sioux City (SD) where you can hit the slots while buying liquor and pumping gas at the same establishment

-Dakota Dunes (SD) richest area with plenty of golf

Redeeming qualities include: Missouri River, Stone State Park, Hard Rock, La Juanita’s, El Fredo’s pizza, Saturday in the Park.
Siouxlander: yeah I’m from Sioux City
Person from Omaha, Sioux Falls, etc: you live in The Sewer? Yikes!
Siouxlander: hey it’s not THAT bad!
by philswift December 31, 2018
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A small city in the northwest corner of Iowa primarily populated with Mexicans and other forms of life that won't amount to shit.
I was driving down interstate 29 and all of a sudden there was this rich aroma that smelled like shit... there it was... SIOUX CITY. (Sioux City actually always smells like shit believe it or not)
by kickstanddick July 08, 2009
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