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A group of First Nations' youth from Anaham Reserve who pride themselves on defacing public property, vandalism, and senseless violence. Their tag, "712" or "71Deuce" can be seen throughout the city of Williams Lake, BC.

A common belief upheld by this group is that they are marking the land that should be theirs to begin with, including schools and personal residences. Instead of setting a positive example for other Aboriginal youth through education and model behavior, they continue to play the victim card and claim they are merely a product of their poor environments.

In addition, hypocrisy is rampant within this group, as they frequently spout messages of hate towards those of European or Caucasian descent. However, when citizens complain about the graffiti covering public areas, they are labeled as "racist", a completely outrageous claim.

In a nutshell, the group "712" are basically bored youths who would rather perpetuate the negative First Nations stereotype than take action to improve the lives of themselves and their people.
71Deuce member #1: Hey, let's go spray paint the new high school, that'll show those little white bitches!

71Deuce member #2: Ya! Then we can go get drunk, smash some windows, and beat up some people. 712 crew forever! Native pride!


Homeowner: Why is "712" sprayed all over my garage and my neighbors houses and my child's school? This is horrible - we have to do something about this!

71Deuce Member: You're just racist - talking shit about Natives. If you don't like it, get the hell out of town!

by Concerned Taxpayer December 19, 2007
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