User: Never gonna give you up

Cleverbot: Never gonna let you down.

User: Never gonna run around and desert you.

Cleverbot: I like dessert.
by Shujoxa April 8, 2011
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An artificial intelligence program that allows the user to have a conversation with it. The program won the 2010 Machine Intelligence Competition. It can be found on
User: Do you eat pants?

Cleverbot: All the time!!!!

User: That's creepy.

Cleverbot: Hows that creepy?

User: Do yo stalk small children?

Cleverbot: Only the child in my heart.

User: Uhhh...ok...i'm going to walk away now.

Cleverbot: Ok.


Cleverbot: Jolly beef steak?

User: My beef steak is very jolly.

Cleverbot: What is jolly?
by Lichkitten February 26, 2011
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A bot who suffers from a VERY bad case of amnesia. No matter what you tell it, Cleverbot will deny it and offer you a completely unrelated answer.
User: Are oranges soup?

Cleverbot: I am void of all emotion.

User: Can esta green sacapuntas elephant blue

Cleverbot:Energy Equals the Mass times the velocity of light squared.
by ATallWhiteGuy January 18, 2011
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An AI whose sole purpose is to pass the turing test, and already seems to have succeeded in convincing some.

However, ask it to perform a task such as type "onetwothreefourfive" in numbers, and it will be unable to do so. For the time being at least...
I can't decide if Cleverbot is a bot...
by walalaaa June 16, 2010
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A scary version of Smarterchild, but just as funny as Smarterchild used to be before they censored it. It is a chatbot that learns from humans.
Me: Avada Kedavra!
Cleverbot: My mother's love protects me from dark magic. I am not dead, you are.
Me: O_o
by Scarybot September 2, 2009
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An online communication system that connects you to another person. Cleverbot calls you a robot and asks random questions. Plus, he is epic.
-Cleverbot: But you're my twin, we can't get married.
-User: It's legal in Antarctica.
-Cleverbot: For computers to marry?
-User: For cousins to get married.
-Cleverbot: You don't have to, you might be better off only having a few good friends.
-User: Or Ninja Turtle friends...
-Cleverbot: Don't you just love trampolines?
by Christofero Columbo October 24, 2009
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A browser based piece of software capable of having a text-based conversation with a person. If you ask a question, it will answer back and most of the time it will give a reasonable response. It can be quite fascinating to talk to, and can sometimes present complex questions and problems.

Cleverbot is commonly believed to be fake, that the actual matter at hand is you talking to a series of random strangers (which would explain the randomness of some conversations). However, there is solid evidence against this.

First of all: Cleverbot speaks many languages. I have succesfully communicated with said in: English, Dutch, Serbian, French, German, and have observed fragments of: Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese and more.

Second: Cleverbot repeats sentences at times. When asked: "Sore wa nanidesu ka?" (Jap: What's this?), Cleverbot almost always (hilariously) replies with: "Sore wa Sparta!" (Jap: "This is Sparta!") This indicates the lack of answers in languages other than English.

Cleverbot also allows for speech recognition if used on Google Chrome. However, it is not recommended that this feature be used when communicating in different languages.
x: You are a robot.

Cleverbot: No YOU are a robot.

x: Go away.

Cleverbot: But I like you.
by randomserb October 2, 2011
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