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An event held on every November 11 that is “celebrated” by those with no boyfriends or girlfriends to retaliate against couples celebrating Valentine’s Day—today, online businesses have hijacked the “Double Eleven” date to promote their discounted goods (often nearing expiry dates) and fake items.
Singles Day is the most profitable shopping event of the year for e-commerce giant Alibaba, which unverifiably hit a record $1b in sales in a mere 85 seconds and close to $10b in the first hour—the world’s biggest online sales event brings in sales that exceeds those of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.
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by MathPlus November 11, 2018
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A day in which we celebrate being single, screw valentines day! A day in which you just get beyond drunk and can bang whoever you want with no ramifications, because it's singles day! Singles day is only to be celebrated in the summer in which beaches, beer, bikinis, shots and sweaty nights are prime. So screw valentines lets get drunk and celebrate singles day!
"Dude you know she was like a 2"
"It's singles day and I just took 4 keg stands"
"That's legit"

"He has a girlfriend, you know."
"I don't care it's singles day, screw it"
by ScrewValentines February 11, 2010
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