National Boyfriend Day is October 3rd. This is a day to show appreciation to boyfriends everywhere for the good things they do. Do something nice for your boyfriend today. Take him fishing or golfing or whatever his favorite activity. Go out for dinner or to a movie. Whatever you choose to do, let him know you appreciate him.
Andy, today is all about you and your special day, National Boyfriend Day!
by imlost29 June 26, 2017
national boyfriend days is when you show appreciation for your boyfriend
alice: hey what’s today

neymar: national boyfriend day
by kiyahcoolcat April 10, 2019
national boyfriend day is april 10th on this day you have to show appreciation to your boyfriend .
alice: whats today ?
neymar: national boyfriend day
alice: okay thanks
by kiyahcoolcat April 10, 2019
October 3!! The day to show your boyfriend some appreciation. Appreciate your one and only in the world. A day to recognize all the boys out there. Treat him like a king.
by heyyyy_:) October 3, 2019
Just suck his dick yo.
"what'd you get your man for National Boyfriend Day?"
"I just sucked his dick yo"
by A_A_Ron85 April 29, 2020
May 2nd; A day where you appreciate yo mans for who he isss!! 🤪 Give him a quick kiss, hug, or whatever to show that you love him. If you single, it’s the only chance you get to legally hug yo crush 🥰
Girl 1: Yo get over there and give your mans a hug!!

Girl 2: Why?

Girl 1: Didn’t you hear, it’s National Boyfriend Day!!
by an0nym0usssssssss May 1, 2019