According to Mr. West Dictionary: "one of the best videos of all time"
Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time! exclaimed Kanye about the Single Ladies video
by C-Pain & Friends June 11, 2010
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a very overrated song by beyonce which debuted in late 2008. in the video, beyonce and her backup dancers are seen doing the signature hand wave, otherwise known as the single ladies dance. it hit very high in the charts, but most, like me, find the song annoying and stupid.
mary: omg did you see the single ladies video! it's the bomb! *does the signature hand wave* all the single ladies!
kate: it's so annoying!
by oh happy days July 2, 2009
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Group of single ladies who have an aura of mystery, awe, and power surrounding them. The single ladies mystique fosters strength in their fellow ladies and a power and prowess that cannot be tamed.
by danesworld____ October 30, 2018
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A dance revolution bigger than Soulja Boy and smaller that Thriller made by Beyonce and her back up dancers. The dance, which is fun and catchy, has been preformed by everyone from Justin Timberlake to Kurt, Tina and Brittney from Glee.

You can't stop the power of THE SINGLE LADIES.
Joe Jonas: *in unitard, doing Single Ladies Dance* if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it ...
Everyone else: Woah 0.o
Beyonce: Mwahaha. I have conquered the world!
by Lilandi December 14, 2009
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A YouTube video of a group of very young girls dancing erotically to Beyonce's hit song. Responsible for thousands of Chris Hansen victims and controversial video comments.
After seeing "Little girls going hard on single ladies," I have a newfound sympathy for all the victims of Dateline NBC's Chris Hansen.
by Nathan44294 June 30, 2010
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