Funny as fuck and he is stubborn and always has a smile, has a great personality and can get easily jealous but on the low he's a freak, and will do everything to make someone laugh or get them out of a bad mood. He's attractive with his looks and his personality. The whole package
OMG!!! Sim your all I needed
by Kingofwolvies July 16, 2017
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usually used in short text format to be a little sick in your mouth. Usually after having a shot of alcohol or downing a drink. sometimes produced from burping
little sim from 2 shots of Jäger. noooice
by wassat June 21, 2010
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A person with almost non-existent eyes that defy logical reasoning. Also used to explain the phenomena of closed eyes in photos, or the act of closing your eyes since the size of the eyes during sleep will be bigger than that of a Sim.
Look at that guy! He's Simming! I can hear his snoring.

He's simming in the simming pool! We should really go and save him because he'll drown if we do not pry his eyes open soon!
by HYPERBEAN November 26, 2010
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Is a very sexy gorgeous girl

She loves chicken nuggets

Her dad also ran away

#Daddy #Issues
'Oi Sim'
by Layla282 October 07, 2017
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A sim is a game that has real life things in a game like Tractor sim
I am Playing Tractor sim! says Bill
by simulator64 June 11, 2015
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The game were you're god and can kill people and make the you that will never be you.
I made myself in sims
by MitunaCaptorHS April 04, 2016
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