Chemistry teacher. A New Zealander which has a silver coat complexion on their facial and body hair thus giving this fox the name "silver". The fox tends to be somewhat lazy and tries to find various ways "to make money" through secondary teaching. The chemical reactions occuring within the "Silver Fox" can be characterised by the following equation:
Ag+(aq) + e = Ag(s)
thus allowing the liquid soluble silver hair into a solid within the follices of its hair/fur. Perhaps the most intriguing characteristic of the fox is its distinct favouritism it directed only at rugby players and his chemistry students.
All in all, its a dirty job but someone's got to it.
However, not as dirty as bage 's job.
Did you see that guy's hair?
Man, we just saw a motherfuckin' silver fox.
by [bage] February 14, 2005
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To be consistently one-upped by an overtly insecure person
After telling her about the cut on my head, she proceeded to silver fox me with some grand story of a boat propeller.
by Blazin' Ginger October 16, 2010
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A genetic pigmentation of a red fox that has a shiny grey colour. The fox does not distinguish other red foxes and mates with the different pigment
by Animal info March 03, 2017
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a dude that does not shave his balls and likes to tell people over the interoffice Nethail
certain Newton Sheriff's Deputies
by Joe February 17, 2005
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